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Trend Micro Login

Cybersecurity is an art to secure your connected world.

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Trend Micro Login

Trend Micro Login

What do you mean by Trend Micro?

Trend Micro is a cloud-based software that protects your computer against malware and email scams. Also, it protects you when you go online by scanning websites and emails for any scams and blocking spam emails that have hidden phishing attacks. Protects documents against unauthorized encryption.

Trend Micro Login

Products offered by Trend Micro 

We are here with the list of products of the Trend Micro antivirus software. So, just have a look at the products that are given just below : 

For Business Purpose:

These products provide centralized security management to maximize efficiency and quickly react to security events across virtual and cloud environments.

  1.  Web Security
  2.  Endpoint and Gateway Suits,
  3. SaaS Application Security
  4.  Endpoint Data Protection and Response
  5. Advanced Threat Protection
  6.  Endpoint Security
  7. Security fits for DevOps
  8.  Intrusion Prevention
  9. Email Security
  10. Data centre and Virtualisation 
  11.  Cloud Security, Container Security

For Home Purpose:

The products you can use for home use to protect your device against viruses and other online threats are given below.

  1. Maximum Security
  2. Internet Security
  3. Mobile security.  
  4. Antivirus+ Security
  5. Antivirus for Mac

Registration of Trend Micro Login Account 

  • Launch any of the internet browsers as per your choice to reach the Customer Licensing Portal. This portal of Trend Micro Login is required for the purpose of creating an account. You can easily access this portal using “”
  • On this portal, trace the link to register a new account of Trend Micro. You will get the link “Sign Up now?” on the bottom of the Sign In window. Tap on this link to carry on with the process.
  • Opt “No I am a first time user” option among the two in the next screen. With this, a text box opens in which you have to write the “Product Key Code” or “Service Key Code”. Make sure that you are typing the 25 digit code without any mistake. 
  • Click the “Continue” tab after this. 
  • In the upcoming window, review the “License Agreement” and “Privacy Policy” thoroughly. Move ahead by selecting the checkbox of “I Agree”
  • Once again you have to press the “Continue” tab. 
  • Provide all the required details in the “Account Profile” and “Primary Contact” section. 
  • Then, opt for the “continue” tab after filling all in detail in both of the sections. 
  • To verify your account, you will receive a verification email on the email address given above. Launch the mail and select the “Verify my mail” button. 

Step by step Trend Micro login procedure

Launch any of the web browsers to reach the webpage for Trend Micro login. For this, you have to type the URL i.e account.trendmicro.comwithin your browser’s address bar. With this, you will get a window displaying “Sign In to your Trend Micro Account”. Here, you have to provide the Email address and Password in the respective fields. Please note that while entering the login credentials it must be connected to this account. When you want your device to remember the login credentials next time you log in, select the “Remember me” checkbox. Finally, tap the red-coloured “Sign In” tab that is located in the middle of the login window. 

How to merge two accounts with the help of Trend Micro MyAccount Portal? 

The fusion of two accounts into one enables you to easily monitor and manage your Trend Micro serial numbers and devices. In order to merge the accounts using the Trend Micro My Account Portal, follow these steps:

  • Begin the process by visiting your Trend Micro account.
  • Now, you are required to enter your registered email address and password and then tap “Sign In”. 
    • Just in case, you have forgotten the email address linked with this account, opt “Forgot which address you used before?”. 
    • On the other hand, if you have forgotten the password, opt for the “Forgot password?”.
  • Thereafter, you have to press the Profile button. 
  • Next, move to Merge Accounts for Easier Management.
  • Tap the button of “Merge Accounts” afterwards. 
  • Type the email address and password that you wish to merge with the account currently you are using. 
  • Tap the “Next” tab after providing the details correctly. 
  • Review the information once again and click “Confirm”. 
  • Your accounts will be merged with this, and you must log in again to verify your licenses.