– Download Trend Micro

Download Trend Micro Product From

In order to experience the unrelenting protection of Trend Micro, you should start with the process. It is a convenient and time-saving procedure, especially if processed from the online source.

Open Browser

First and foremost, you should open your preferred internet browser on your system. For this, you should look at your system’s “Taskbar”. For instance, you may have Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox, Mozilla, Safari etc. Hence, click on any of the available options to open the browser. At the same time, you must remember to use the same device that you wish to protect.

Open Website

Now, requires you to go to the official website of Trend Micro. For this, type in “” in the address bar of your browser. Thereafter, hit the “Enter” key on your keyboard. As a result, it will take you to the Home page of the Trend Micro’s official website.

Select “For Home”

Now, look at the very top of this window. Here, you should locate the “For Home” button. Hence, click on it to access the desired page meant for Home users. However, in case if you are looking for Business Products. Then, click on “For Business” to purchase the product of your choice.

Sign Up/ Sign In For

This window provides you with the option to access or create your Trend Micro Account. For this, you should look at the top right-hand corner for the “Login” button. Then, click on it to expand it. After that, click on “My Account” to open the “Account Login” window. 

Now, in case if you had already created your User Account. Then, enter your “Registered Email Address” and corresponding “Password”. Thereafter, click on “Log In” for

However, in case if you haven’t created your account yet. Then, you should first create it. For this, you should go to the Trend Micro’s “Customer Licensing Portal” at “”. Here, you should click on “Sign Up Now”. It is located at the very bottom of the window beneath the “Sign In” button. Subsequently, follow on-screen prompts and create your account. Once your account is created and verified, then, log in to your account.

Choose Product From

Your Account portal will display all the products for Hence, review the details of all the available products. Then, select the one that you wish to purchase. Thereafter, click on the “Download Trendmicro” button beneath the selected product. 


As a result, it will take you to your Shopping cart. Here, it will enlist the details of your selected product along with a complete price breakdown. Hence, review the same. Then, click on “Checkout” to proceed for payment.

Make Payment

The following window will provide you with available “Payment Options”. Hence, select a convenient option. Then, provide the required “Payment Details”. Finally, confirm your payments.

Get Confirmation

Consequently, the next window will confirm your purchase. Along with that, you will get a confirmation in your registered email address. This email will also provide a secure “Download” link and your “Product Activation Key”.

Open Email Account

Next, you should go to the website of your email service provider. Then, “Log In” to your “Email Account”. For this, type in your email address and the corresponding password. Thereafter, click “Sign In”. Here, you should remember to access only your registered Email Account. 

Access The Trend Micro Email

Now, check your Inbox for the email. In case, if you don’t find it in your Inbox. Then, check your “Spam Folder”. Subsequently, click on it to open the same.

Download From

This email contains a secure link for Hence, look for the same. Simultaneously, note down the “Activation Key” at a safe and handy location. It must be a 20 digit unique alphanumeric code containing details of your subscription. Now, click on the trend micro Download link and enter the “Activation Key” when prompted.

Save the File

During the download process, it may prompt you to provide a preferred location to save the downloaded file. As such, click on “Save As” or “Save” and provide a specific location. However, it usually saves the file at your system’s default download location. 

Finish The Download 

Finally, you should wait for the download to complete as it may take some time.